On July 6, 2022, Zhejiang Liming Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd., China Telecom Zhoushan Branch and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. held the signing ceremony of "5G+ Smart Factory" strategic cooperation. The authorized representatives of Zhejiang Liming Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and China Telecom Zhoushan Branch signed the Zhejiang Liming 5G customized network service contract.

In this cooperation, the three parties will give full play to their respective advantages. In accordance with the principle of "cooperation sharing, integration and innovation, mathematics and intelligence drive, leading demonstration", the three parties will jointly explore and build a demonstration benchmark of "5G + smart factory" in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province, and promote the digital transformation and upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry. Zhoushan Telecom will provide high-quality networks, including 5G private network coverage, to further realize the intelligent empowerment of 5G, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other digital technologies to the manufacturing industry.

In the construction of application scenarios, we will take the digital and intelligent transformation needs of Zhejiang Dawn as the starting point, build a 5G dedicated network covering Zhejiang Liming Industrial Park, and promote the implementation of 5G+ intelligent manufacturing application scenarios such as 5G+ equipment management, 5G+ industrial AI quality inspection, 5G+ intelligent logistics, 5G+ smart park, 5G+ energy management, etc., so as to gradually build Zhejiang Liming into an industry-leading benchmark of high-quality, green and low-carbon "5G+ smart factory", and then continue to empower the sustainable and high-quality transformation and development of business!